Introductory Package

PilatesGuy-web-45Policy of Intown Pilates Atlanta – Clients new to Intown Pilates Atlanta must take private sessions and be evaluated before entering into our group classes. Contact Ellen or call 404-575-2333 for more information.

This package is a great way to begin your Pilates experience. Whether you are new to Pilates, adding Pilates to your current cardio training, or recovering from a recent injury, this package will give you a good idea of what Pilates is about and introduce you to the various type of Pilates equipment. Our instructors will put together a customized plan for you to help address any issues you might have and to meet your fitness goals. Once you complete the Introductory Pkg. you will most likely continue with private sessions to increase your strength and awareness of Pilates. Depending on your goals, we recommend taking Pilates two to three times per week in order to see and feel a difference in your body.

Contact or call 404.575.2333 to book your sessions. In order to secure an appointment for your private sessions, we require payment in advance.

RATE: $200 (New Clients Only). Includes 3 private sessions (50 mins. each)