Whether you’re getting married, training for a race, rehabilitating an injury or just ready to tackle a new fitness challenge, our Pilates instructors are available to design a custom program to complement your active, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

All of our instructors have completed comprehensive, certified training programs, gaining expertise & knowledge in the history, philosophy, and biomechanics of the Pilates Method.




Jackie Rosenthal has been a fitness instructor and trainer for 27 years teaching everything from water fitness to step, high impact, boot camp, stretch and sculpt classes. She is certified by the American College of Exercise (ACE).

In 2000, Jackie received her 600-hour comprehensive mat and apparatus certification in the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning under the tutelage of Katy Roelle from Reformation Pilates. She has received additional training and continuing education from Power Pilates, STOTT Pilates, Peak Pilates and recently, in 2015, through classically trained teachers Dana Santi, Murat Berkin, MeJo Wiggin, Brooke Tyler, and Jay Grimes.

Jackie, who has a Master’s Degree in Health Policy, works for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a Health Communications Specialist in the area of Reproductive Health.
In her free time, Jackie loves to exercise taking other teacher’s classes and trainings in an effort to stay current and innovative. She spends her free time with her husband, Adam, and two children Ellie and Alex.


After taking a few sessions of  Pilates,  Susan fell in love with how the practice helped her body to move with ease, strength,  and grace. Wanting to help others experience what she had, Susan decided to pursue a career as an instructor and started on her journey of completing the 500 + hours required by the Balanced Body Teacher Training Program.

After becoming a certified instructor, she was presented with an opportunity and hired to teach at the same studio of which she obtained her training. Under the Mentorship Program of BBU Teacher Trainer,  Donna Riley, and several other BBU teacher trainers, this allowed her the unique opportunity to continue to grow as an instructor as she observed, practiced and taught under their tutelage; giving her invaluable skills and insight.

Susan is a  certified Instructor and her love of  Pilates is what she shares with her clients, teaching them not just the exercises but showing how the method of Pilates movement and the mind all affect and improve their overall experience. She encourages her clients to go beyond what they think they can do and to trust what their bodies are capable of doing.  “I love how empowered a client feels when they have achieved a goal that they didn’t think they would ever be able to do.  It feels rewarding for both of us and is the main reason I wanted to start teaching,” said Susan.

Susan has lived in Atlanta for over 35 years. When not teaching, she enjoys spending her time exploring art, botanical gardens, hiking, traveling, pursuing new interests,  and spending time with family and friends. In her pursuit of continuing education, Susan has completed the following:

Open the Mind – Open the Body

The Pilates Center Boulder Colorado – Amy Taylor Alpers – Rachel Taylor Segel

3 Core Connections Perspective of Embodied Anatomy and Functional Fascial Fitness

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle/Pilates Center Austin

Thoracolumbar Fascia: The Second Brain of Movement – Shari Berkowitz

Seeing the Truth in Movement-Amy Taylor Alpers

How Does Fascia Work-Anna Maria Vitali, MD


Leilani Miller PMA-CPT is what one may call a movement enthusiast. Her passion to share her enthusiasm for movement is what drives her teaching.  She completed the Ron Fletcher Program of Study in 2011 in order to begin teaching Pilates while dancing part-time in Monarch Dance Company. She taught at various locations throughout eastern Pennsylvania since then. She received her PMA certification in 2015.  
One of her most important values as a teacher is continuing to learn and practice. She strives to stay inspired and educated in order to consistently breathe fresh life into her teaching. She aims to help her clients achieve what each individual needs to improve physical wellbeing, and help them discover the joy in doing so.



As a former professional basketball player, I know first-hand the healing benefits that Pilates provides. I credit my Pilates for allowing me to remain pain-free despite having 3 degenerated discs in my lower lumbar from 20+ years of participation in competitive sports! As a Pilates instructor, I take your health and well-being very seriously. I live for the “aha” moments that help elevate and progress your Pilates practice, so I stress the importance of proper alignment, muscle activation, movement principles and core stability in all of our sessions. My athletic workouts will challenge you both physically and mentally, and ultimately enhance your mind-body connection so you can reap all the healing benefits that Pilates provides.

I began my fitness career as a personal trainer, and later earned my comprehensive Pilates Instructor certification from BeWell Yoga & Pilates studio here in Atlanta, GA. I’m fully certified in all Pilates apparatus and TRX suspension training as well. In addition to teaching Pilates, I help individuals and groups improve their mental + emotional well-being through my work as a Wellness Coach. I earned my master’s degree in Positive Psychology from Life University in Atlanta, GA, and my bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, from University of Florida, in Gainesville, FL. When I’m not working, I can be found enjoying time with my children and exploring the great outdoors at all the beautiful nature trails this great state provides.



Norris is a native Atlantan returning to his home after living in Chicago for 22 years where he served as the national director of fitness services for one of the nation’s largest health club chains, Bally Total Fitness, and owned and operated a successful Pilates studio. Since 2003, he has been teaching Pilates to individual clients, small groups and instructor trainees across the country. He specializes in designing specific programs for individuals based on needs, challenges, and goals. Balanced Body Pilates; ACE; AFAA; M.A. in Education Administration, Ohio State University. During his first life in Atlanta, Norris taught Spanish at Dunwoody High School for ten years where he was named Teacher of the Year.