Private Instruction


The best way to begin your Pilates experience and learn Pilates properly is one-on-one private instruction with a certified instructor. You will be introduced to various Pilates equipment. Most people begin with our Introductory Package which is at a discounted price and will give you an idea of what Pilates is about and if our studio is a good fit for you.

Depending on your body awareness,  individual issues, and other factors, most people require additional private sessions and take them until they become more proficient in the basics of Pilates.

What is Next?

Once you have mastered the basics your instructor will guide you to the next step. People generally want to continue to keep privates going, but add a semi-private, group training and/or mat class to round out your training.

Rate: $75 – $90

Due to limited space for classes, if you sign up for classes and late cancel, or cannot attend, you will be charged the class fee.

Policy of Intown Pilates Atlanta – Clients new to Intown Pilates Atlanta must take private sessions and be evaluated before entering into our group classes. Contact Ellen or call 404-575-2333 for more information.